Documentaries: Health & Human Rights
Director: Yael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky (''Super Women'',''Child Mother'', ''These Woods'') / Israel 2021
Category: Human Rights, Society, Women's Rights   
Production: Turtles Films: Yael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky, produced for KAN 11 - Israeli Public Broadcast Corporation. Supported by The New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT) and The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Israel
Language: Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic. Subtitles: English 
Script: Yael Kipper, Ronen Zaretzky, Kifaya Ayati
Length: 82 minutes

Logline: The film tells in a poignant and moving way the stories of women from all parts of Israeli society who were murdered by their partners. 

Synopsis: As time draws closer towards the jail release of her violent husband, Kifaya Ayati, a resident of Acre, who has been brutally attacked several times, is looking for a way to survive. She paints women who have been harmed and murdered by their spouses and meets their sisters, mothers and daughters. Every meeting becomes a portrait of a murdered woman and an indictment against the Israeli society, police and courts.

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Festivals & Awards: Haifa Film Festival: Best Documentary Award
Jury's justification: 
“The film tells in a poignant and moving way the stories of women from all parts of Israeli society who were murdered by their partners. The film also documents in real time the women that may be the next victims, women who are subjected to violence on a daily basis. The film's hero, connects those women through portraits. Together they look at the camera and demand their right to live free of threats and fear.” 

Director: Olga LvoffU.S.A. 2019
Production: Victor Ilyukhin: Diplodocus Films 
Category: Society, Therapy, Health
Language: English. Subtitles: English
Length: 53/70 minutes

Logline: "Busy Inside" delves deeply into Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. A respected therapist specializing in the condition's treatment, and her patients, confront past trauma and embrace their different personalities.

Synopsis: "Busy Inside" tells the true story of Karen and Marshay, two women with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Karen Marshall is a respected therapist who treats patients with DID, the condition of having multiple personalities often resulting from child abuse. Among her patients is Marshay, a biracial musician, who sometimes struggles to believe that she really has DID. The film works to return dignity to those with DID and bring better understanding of it through an honest portrayal of people who live with it every day and giving audiences a direct window into their inner world.

Festivals & Awards:
  • DOC NYC Film Festival - U.S.A. 2019
  • Hamptons Doc Fest - U.S.A. 2019
  • BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival - U.K. 2020
  • Moscow International Film Festival - Russia 2019
  • Audience Award for Best Feature Film: Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival - U.S.A. 2019
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Director's statement:
The desire to make a difference by telling the stories of trauma survivors and fascination with the incredible capacities of human mind to withstand negative experience is the reason why I became a filmmaker. We want to return dignity to those with DID and have society empathize with them. We believe that film is a perfect medium for achieving this goal because it is best at giving people with DID a voice. It is through a personal and intimate documentary that we want to share Karen and Marshay’s living experience with the viewer.

Movie Reviews:
* « The new film shows the challenges involved in learning to live with the disorder. » A Documentary Explores Dissociative Identity Disorder / Jane E. Brody / The New York Times
* « The film shows both Marshall and her patients in professional and personal settings, providing us with an intimate look into the daily lives of people experiencing this disorder. » Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Therapist's Own Experience / Robert T Muller / Psychology Today

DOC NYC 2019 Women Directors: Meet Olga Lvoff – “Busy Inside”
* Watch2019 Hamptons Doc Fest - "Busy Inside" Q&A

Director: Ivana Marinić Kragić / Croatia 2021
Production: Ivana Marinić Kragić: Marinis Media
Co-Production: Platforma (Serbia), Tramal Films (Slovenia)
Category: Human Rights, Religion, LGBT
Language: Croatian. Subtitles: English
Length: 71 minutes

Logline: The film follows two nuns falling in love and, disappointed by the Church’s reaction and the institutional abuse, they decide to leave the convent and start a life together on a Dalmatian island.

Synopsis: Two young nuns meet during a Catholic gathering in Croatia and fall in love. They live in two separate convents, but the spaces they once considered havens of solace and spiritual fulfilment turn out to be more earthly than expected. Disillusioned by the Church and the sexual and psychological abuse within the institution and driven by their blossoming love, they make the most difficult decision of their life – to leave the convent and start a new life together on the island of Korčula and seek acceptance from the traditional local community.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Best Film Award: Competition Lateral - LGBTIQ: FIDBA International Documentary Film Festival, Buenos Aires - Argentina 2022
  • Documentary of the Month: Docs Barcelona Documentary Film Festival - Spain 2022
  • Best Original Screenplay Award: JIFF Jaipur International Film Festival - India 2022
  • Écrans Mixtes Queer & LGBT Film Festival, Lyon - France 2022
  • Lesbian Quarter Film Festival - Slovenia 2021
  • One World International HR Documentary Film Festival - Czech Republic 2021
  • Doqumenta International Documentary Festival - Mexico 2021
  • Martovski Festival, Belgrade - Serbia 2021
  • Merlinka International queer Film Festival, Belgrade - Serbia 2021 
  • Regional competition: Dandelion Award / Best Film Award: UnderhillFest International Film Festival - Montenegro 2021
  • Honorable Mention: Astra Film Festival - Romania 2021
  • International Jury of Critics Award: Best Documentary Award: European Film Festival Palić - Serbia 2021
  • Best Cinematography Award: SEEfest South East European Film Festival Los Angeles - U.S.A. 2021
  • Audience Award for Best Film: ZagrebDox International Documentary Film FestivalCroatia 2020
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UnderhillFest International Film Festival: Regional competition: Dandelion Award/Best Film Award:
Jury's justification: “Often, topics that deal with the issues of equal rights and freedoms for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, end up on that first step, the very topic they deal with.
Ivana Marinić Kragić is one brave and above all witty woman from Split, who successfully overcomes all possible traps of this topic in an exquisite way!
With an innovative, fresh and modern director approach, she caresses us all the time and gently makes us laugh about the deepest emotional drama which her protagonists go through together with her. A witty and genius film about nuns and their search for God, through which they finally find love and each other!”

Astra Film Festival: Honorable Mention
Jury's justification: "In 'Nun Of Your Business' Ivana Marinic sheds light on an often hidden world under forms of apparent normality, such as love between women in convents. She creatively incorporates narrative resources of fiction and animation film into the language of the documentary."

Director's statement:
''Nun of Your Business'' addresses a burning social and human rights issue in the region, but also around the globe, a consequence of the increasing dominance of the conservative movements. The film is relevant to those living in both liberal and conservative societies. To those in liberal societies it is an exemplary story of finding your true identity and breaking free, and in the conservative societies it raises such issues as the position of the Catholic Church, personal identity, female rights and action required to exercise those rights.

Movie Reviews:
* « Formally daring, thematically challenging but also inspiring, warm and funny film that deeply resonated with us. The jury justified their decision by stating further that this is a story about the power of love, but also a story about immense amount of courage - the courage to stand up to institutions that still so often form and define our lives, a courage to stand up for ourselves, for our rights, our desires, our love and our freedom(s). This film is important as a bold piece of art, but it is even more important as a message from the people for the people. And the message is: who I am and how I live my life is Nun of Your Business.» PALIĆ 2021 Awards / Mariana Hristova / Cineuropa

* « The story could be from a novel: Marita and Fanica, two young nuns from different monasteries in Croatia, get to know each other and fall in love. Their love affair is complicated for several reasons: they both have a vow of chastity, and same-sex love is stigmatized in the Roman Catholic Church as well as in Croatian society. The two women have a long way to go and a difficult decision in front of them. Award-winning documentary by Ivana Marinić Kragić opens an intimate look at the emotional experiences of two nuns hidden behind several taboos. In doing so, the director waives any voyeurism. The narration of the two women is complemented by a special cinematic means: with the help of staged photographic style, it succeeds in inhaling the processes and moods within the monastic women's communities. » Nun of Your Business – Zwei Nonnen verlieben sich / SRF Swiss Television

[Zona Kamoni] 
Director: Yael Shachar, Sharon Yaish / Israel / 2019
Category: Human Rights, Women's Rights, Women's Trafficing
Production: Elad Peleg, Haggai Arad: Daroma Productions, for Yes-Docu, Commissioning Editor: Guy Lavie, Israel.
Supported by The New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT), Israel. 
Language: Hebrew, Hungarian. Subtitles: English 
Length: 62 minutes

Logline: Twenty years ago Chilla was kidnapped from Hungary by a group of traffickers and was forced to work as a prostitute. Now she goes to look for her kidnappers. After she returns to hell, will she be able to leave again?

Synopsis: When Chilla was 22, she was kidnapped from a pub in Hungary and sold to a group of traffickers. Twenty years later, Chilla is a different woman, one who has managed to get out of the drug abuse cycle, celebrating 10 years of sobriety, and volunteering at the Levinsky Clinic in Tel Aviv to try and help women on the street. When the Ministry of Interior in Israel refus-es to give Chilla a resident certificate and to believe that she is a victim of traf-ficking in women, she goes looking for her kidnappers to obtain proof. The journey to the past forces Chilla to return to the scene of prostitution, only this time with a little more power and a camera in hand. Chilla begins to document and work through the trauma, but can you go back to your most painful place and stay alive?

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Director's statement:
We have been following Chilla for a period of two years, in her rehabilitation and her return to prostituting. We had the access and her complete trust to tell her story. We realized Chilla’s “choice” to return to prostituting is somehow similar to addiction, and prostituting is an unconscious reenactment of the physical and mental abuse she had suffered. We did not know how will Chilla’s journey end. We did not know if she will succeed in putting herself back together. But Chilla is a woman who won’t stop fighting for a better life. She talks about prostitution not only in anger but also in compassion. Her tremendous courage of returning to the most painful place was an inspiration for us, a reminder of the huge potential of the human soul to heal itself.
Prostitution exists for thousands of years, and it managed to survive and even flourish nowadays. In the more liberal part of of the world, in countries that are considered as the spearhead in the fight for human rights protection. Our film tries to show what prostitution really looks like, and how it serves as a reflection for men and women’s relationships in general. Chilla tries to educate her male clients, and by doing this she tries to educate us, the audience.  

Movie Reviews:
* « Sharon Yaish and Yael Shachar’s A Whore Like Me, benefits from an instantly gripping, thriller-like premise. An impressively rich portrait of a woman who’s been failed by society at every turn. » Docaviv continues to thrive in increasingly challenging circum-stances. / Paul O'Callaghan / Slant Magazine

* « The film "A Whore Like Me" illustrates in a sharp, poignant and unmasked way the exist-ence of a woman in prostitution. » Shany Littman / Haaretz daily newspaper

Festivals & Awards:
  • Budapest Jewish and Israeli Film Festival - Hungary 2021
  • Best Documentary Feature Film Award: ITWIFF Imagine This Women's International Film Festival, NYC - USA 2020
  • WTFF Radical Award: Women Texas Film Festival - USA 2020
  • LA Women In Film Festival - USA 2020
  • Best Documentary Film Award: up to 60-minutes: Israel Academy Awards (The Ophir Awards) 2019
  • Best Documentary Film Award: up to 60-minutes: Israel Documentary Awards 2019
  • Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival - Israel 2019
WTFF Radical Award at Women Texas Film Festival:
Jury's justification: "The film and filmmaking were brave, mature, and extremely well told, radical in how they treated the subject. There was courage in making that film."

[Even, Niyar, U'Misparayim] 
Director: Lilah Markman / Israel / 2018
Category: Creative Documentary/Health/Arts & Culture/Family/Personal P.O.V.
Production: Lilah Markman, for Yes-Docu, Commissioning Editor: Guy Lavie, Israel.
Supported by The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts and The New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT), Israel. 
Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: English 
Length: 54 minutes

Logline: Six years of the family's survival routine is closely documented. This reflective artwork deals with the unbearable gap between dreams and body limitations. It may offer solace, comfort and even raise a smile.

Synopsis: Raz and Lilah are artists who document their home-building, fertility treatments and birth of twins: Noor is a healthy girl, and Yam has a heart defect. After a series of surgeries, Yam is held isolated at home, for more than two years, alongside his mother and sister, to avoid contagion. The children grow up and then Raz is diagnosed with cancer. Six years of the family's survival routine is closely documented. This reflective artwork deals with the unbearable gap between dreams and body limitations. It may offer solace, comfort and even raise a smile.
''Rock, Paper, Scissors'' is Lilah Markman's feature length debut film.

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Movie Reviews:
* « Child Mother, featured at this year’s Human Rights Watch film festival in London, is a heart-wrenching rendition of stories of the lives of mothers. This powerful documentary, tells of five mothers recalling their life stories to their children for the first time. .» Film Nights for Human Rights: Child Mother / Shireen Hilmi / The Platform

Festivals & Awards:
  • Best Documentary Film Award: Category: Family Life in 21st Century: Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival - Estonia 2019
  • Bronze Remi Award: Film & Video Art: WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, Texas - U.S.A. 2019
  • Best Short Documentary Film Award: NIFF Noida International Film Festival - India 2019
  • On Art Film Festival - Poland 2019
  • Blow-Up Arthouse International Film Festival, Chicago - U.S.A. 2018
  • Docs Without Borders Film Festival (DWBFF), Nassau - U.S.A. 2018
  • Haifa Film Festival - Israel 2018
[Ima Yalda] 
Director: Yael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky (''Super Women'') / Israel 2016
Category: Human Rights/Gender/Society 
Production: Yael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky: Turtles Films; for Channel 8 (Hot Cable Communication), Commissioning Editor: Rinat Klein; The Makor Foundation for Israeli Films and the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Israel
Language: Hebrew, Moroccan and Yemeni Arabic. Subtitles: English 
Length: 90 minutes

Logline: "Child Mother" tells the story of elderly women, born into Jewish communities in Morocco and Yemen, forced to become brides when they were still little girls. 

Synopsis: Conversations between mothers and their families reveal haunting histories of women forced into marriage as young children. Born into Jewish communities in Morocco and Yemen where child marriage was a culturally sanctioned custom, these women’s voices were largely unheard. When they were only five or six or ten years old, their parents snatched them from the playground and handed them to much older menת to be married. They recall the violence and fear they were subjected to, the pregnancies at the age of eleven or twelve, becoming mothers when they were still little girls themselves.
It was an open secret but one they put aside forever, because revealing it might tear their family apart, causing commotion and creating chaos. The memories of their tragic childhood never healed – they were simply suppressed for the sake of their children, their livelihoods, and their husbands. No more.

Watch Trailer

Watch a seqence from the film (subtitled in French)

Watch ''Yuma'' song from the film (Yemeni Arabic)

Watch TV Studio Interview with Ronen Zaretzky / on Israeli Television (Hebrew)

Watch TV reportage: ''Women who became mothers when they were little girls'' / Friday Night News Magazine, Israeli Television (Hebrew)

Movie Reviews:
* « Child Mother, featured at this year’s Human Rights Watch film festival in London, is a heart-wrenching rendition of stories of the lives of mothers. This powerful documentary, tells of five mothers recalling their life stories to their children for the first time. » Film Nights for Human Rights: Child Mother / Shireen Hilmi / The Platform

* « Child Mother is a stunning 90-minute documentary by Yael Kipper and Ronen Zaretzky that explores the sad loss of innocence and youth. An excellent addition to the Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2017, Child Mother provides a powerful voice on important issues regarding women.» Review: Child Mother (2016): Lyn-Kateri Visedsuk / Filmdo

* « Through powerful testimonies that touch on child birth, sexual violence, or depression, “Child Mother” exposes an aspect of child marriage that is rarely discussed: the impact on the family as a whole, an open wound passed on to the next generation.» ''Mothers and daughters in conversation about child marriage at Human Rights Watch film festival'' / Girls Not Brides 

* « With great empathy and stoicism the filmmakers manage to open an intimate space in which, of course, there is also dancing, joking and singing.» 
Nadja Rademacher / DOK Leipzig

* «This documentary affirms the therapeutic role of confession, art and film in particular. The narration of the documentary is based on long-takes of interiors and close- ups of women thanks to which the viewer is invited to enter their inner worlds and to participate in the therapy consisting of words and images. This is a great example of moral imagination that can be offered by aesthetically sophisticated narratives.» ***Child Mother (Ima Yalda)***/Joanna Bocheńska, Jagiellonian University/ACME Journal

* « These women, now in their 80s or older, courageously reveal the story of a childhood brutally ended... The film addresses this taboo subject with intelligence and sensitivity, giving voice to women whose voices were silenced for so long. The vitality, honesty and courage of these women in their willingness to tell their story is inspiring.» ''Child Mother'' / Ayelet Dekel / Midnight East 

* « ''Child Mother'' is a compelling documentary film made in a minimalist style, which tells an extraordinary story.  This is a film about Israeli women, today in their 80s, who were married off at very young ages.» ''Child Brides'' / Amy Kronish / IsraelFilm.blogspot

* « ''Child Mother'' exposes the horrific practice of marrying off very young girls in North Africa » ''Sephardic Film Festival gets real as forced brides open up in ‘Child Mother’ / Naomi Pfefferman / Jewish Journal

* « The design of ''Child Mother'' as a collection of internal inquiries in the family creates sensitivity and intimacy, and illustrates the intergenerational effects of trauma suffered by these women.» Einav Schiff / Yedioth Ahronoth daily newspaper

* « Women who lived a crime against humanity ... there is no beauty or nostalgia in the story told by Kipper and Zaretsky, and they do not try to claim otherwise or soften the horror depicted in the film.» Shany Littman / Haaretz daily newspaper

* « Kipper and Zaretsky chose to handle one of the unspoken taboos in the Israeli society. "Child Mother" reveals without soft-focus filters the sales process (and forced marriage of those little girls) and its depressing consequences. "Child Mother" leaves a bitter taste and a throat choked with tears.» Shir Ziv, Israel Hayom daily newspaper

Festivals & Awards: Doc Aviv/Israeli Competition Special Jury Mention
Jury's justification: "The film "Child Mother" delicately reveals the harsh story of women who, as young girls, were given to much older men and enslaved by them, in the name of tradition. The filmmakers, Yael Kipper and Ronen Zaretzky, succeed in portraying a complex, complicated and important story – through multiple layers of concealment, denial and shame. A story that echoes and has existed from ancient times to our own days."

Doc Aviv/Best Cinematography Award (Ronen Zaretzky)
Jury's justification: "For its unique understanding and proven ability of presenting the story trough stoic scenes. The winner displayed amazing use of available light, poetic composition, allowing the protagonists and their environment to possess the full frame and lead the film"



Director: Victoria Vellopoulou / Greece 2014
Production: Indigo View Productions, Co-produced with ActionAid Hellas
Category: Human Rights, Health
Language: Pokot, English. Subtitles: English
Length: 54 minutes

Synopsis: The documentary film Excision examines the consequences of FGM (female genital mutilation) through portraits of women of the Pokot tribe in Kenya and demonstrates the effects of this practice on millions of girls and women worldwide. The film aims to raise the voice of the FGM victims, who are not given the chance to speak openly about their pain.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Best Music Award: London Greek Film Festival - U.K. 2014
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival - Greece 2015
  • AIFF Addis International Documentary Film Festival - Ethiopia 2015
  • Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona - Spain 2014
  • Miradas.Doc, Guía de Isora Int'l Documentary Film Festival - Spain 2014
  • Athens International Film Festival - Greece 2014
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Read: Director Victoria Vellopoulo talks with Anastasia Balezdrova / GRReporter 


  LUCKY DEVILS (Glückspilze)
Director: Verena Endtner / Switzerland 2013
Production: Dan Riesen: ALOCO GmbH, for SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen), Switzerland
Category: Human Rights, Society, Arts & Culture
Language: Russian, Swiss German. Subtitles: English, Swiss German, Russian
Length: 98/52 minutes

Synopsis: In the fairytale city of St. Petersburg, 8,500 children live on the streets, but the innovative circus Upsala with its charismatic director Larissa is giving some of those children a chance to leave all that behind them. Meet 6-year-old Danja and his peers, training at UPSALA circus and trying to win over new kids from the streets. A journey from the Russian slums to the lights of the big top. 

Festivals & Awards: Watch Video Trailer

Movie Review:
'' At a time when the subject of Russian adoptions are currently in the international diplomatic news, this film is beautiful, funny and extremely moving...''


[Ahava Lo Tzfuya] 
Director: Paz Schwartz / Israel 2014
Category: Law / Society 
Production: Shula Spiegel: Shula Spiegel Ltd., Dana Eden: Donna Productions Tv And Movies (2001) Ltd.; for Yes-Docu, Documentary Channel, Israel
Language: Hebrew, Russian. Subtitles: English 
Length: 50 minutes

Logline: This is the story of a rare if not impossible romance.

Synopsis: This is the story of a rare if not impossible romance. Anastasia was 10 when she first met Doron. She was a tall and pretty new immigrant; he was 19 years older than her, but suffering from a birth defect that prevented him from growing. When Anastasia was 12, she accused Doron of molesting her. Because of her testimony, Doron was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison. On Yom Kippur two years ago, after his release, Anastasia worked up the courage to call him: “I wanted to apologize for all the lies I told when I was 12”. Doron forgave her, and their relationship grew into a genuine love story. Today they are married and have two children. In this film, they tell their story, motivated by the desire to clear Doron’s name and legitimize their relationship.

Watch Video Trailer (Hebrew)

Festivals & Awards:
  • Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival - Israel 2014
Roni Livneh and Kobi Davidian / Israel 2011
Production: Roni Livneh and Kobi Davidian, for Yes-Docu Channel/Yes-DBS Satellite, Israel
Category: Law / Human Rights
Language: Hebrew, Arabic. Subtitles: English
Length: 90 minutes

Synopsis: For the last 27 years four Bedouins have been serving a life sentence for kidnap, rape and murder, and they have since been protesting their innocence. Dr. Arial Livneh, a pensioner of Israel's General Security Services and a Doctor of Criminology, decided to investigate obsessively during 3 years and met with anyone that was connected to the case. The stream of new information raises many tough questions on the way that brought the four Bedouins to convincement. 

Festivals & Awards:
  • Nominee: Best First Film Award: Israel Documentary Awards - Israel 2012
  • Ro-IFF Romania International Film Festival, Bucharest - Romania 2012
  • DIFF Delhi International Film Festival - India 2012
  • DetectiveFEST International Film Festival - Russia 2012
  • ''New Israeli Cinema'' mini Film Festival, Phnom Penh - Cambodia 2012
  • Haifa Film Festival - Israel 2011
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Director:  Odette Orr / Israel 2010
Category: Health & Human Rights
Production: Yuval and Odette Orr (Unicorn Content & Media) for the Second Authority for Television and Radio, Israel; Commissioning Editor: Yosi Mulla
Language: Hebrew, English. Subtitles: English
Length: 50 minutes

Synopsis: The minute Avi Kremer, 29, finds out that he has only four years to live, he decides to do the impossible and find cure for ALS, the incurable Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (the Lou Gehrig's disease) he has contracted. Avi, an M.B.A. student at Harvard Business School, musters all his business knowhow and sets out on a search for funds, investors and researchers who will join him in his race. He's joined in his struggle by two other patients, and he believes that he won't die of ALS and that there's a reason why he of all people contracted the disease.

For more information click here >

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Director:  Gali Meiri / Israel 2008
Category: Health
Language: Hebrew, English. Subtitles: English
Length: 52 minutes

Synopsis: Filmmaker Gali Meiri allows us to share the journey of an exceptional young woman, Eylon Nuphar – co-creator and founder of Mayumana performance group – who manages against all odds, at the peak of her career, to find strength within fragility, facing a whirlwind of challenges while fighting breast cancer. 

Festivals & Awards:
  • ''Body and Soul'': Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival - Taiwan 2009
  • ''Personal Story'': Reel Lives International Documentary Film Festival, Geneva - Switzerland 2008
  • Kos International Health Film Festival - Greece 2009
  • Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival - Israel 2008
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Director: Eytan Harris / Israel 2005
Category: History / Politics / Disability / Health
Language: Hebrew, English. Subtitles: English 
Length: 78 minutes

Logline: The fascinating life story of Abe Nathan- 'The Peace Pilot', who risked his life for peace in the Middle East and created the famous 'Voice of Peace' radio station in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Synopsis: The nostalgic and exciting story of Abe Nathan ("The Peace Pilot") - the man who became a myth in Israel and around the world for his courageous and endless fight for peace, who broadcasted rock music and messages of peace from his pirate radio station "The Voice of Peace", who organized missions, reaching forgotten corners of the world giving food to starving children, but at the same time could not be a real father to his own daughter.

About Abe Nathan

Festivals & Awards: 
  • Fipatel, FIPA International Festival for Audiovisual Programs, Biarritz - France 2006
  • Winner: Best Documentary Director Award: Jerusalem Film Festival - Israel 2005
Movie Reviews:
* « In those saturated moments of human truth that the film is so rich with, it reaches unusual extreme heights. » Meir Shnitzer / Maariv daily newspaper
* « This nostalgic and painful film brings together one of the most tragic sagas of Israeli history with it's own tragic end.
It is the story of the betrayal of the body; the expiration of an idea; a reminder of our naive era, just before the big explosion of  blind nationalism. » Gidi Orsher / Galei Zahal radio station


Director:  Gonen Glazer / Israel 2005 
Category: Disability / Health & Human Rights
Production: Galia Bador - Yuval Delshad
Language: Hebrew, Sign language. English translation.
Length: 50 minutes

Synopsis: This is the story of Amnon, a phenomenal deaf-born dancer, and his wife Jill. Jill produces their joint act and helps Amnon to communicate with his surroundings. A few years on, Jill decides to separate her professional life from Amnon's, to try out a new career as an actress. When Amnon is invited to be the Art Director of the "Deafway" festival in Washington, DC, he decides to deal with his limitations and go by himself. Jill stays behind in Israel.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival - Israel 2005

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Director: Hai Cohen / Israel 2002
Category: Disability / Health & Human Rights
Language: Hebrew, English, Swahili. English translation.
Length: 53 minutes

Synopsis: The filmmaker, Hai Cohen, was injured in 1986. Samuel Mukanda, from Kenya, has lived in Hai's home in Jerusalem for the past 10 years, assisting him in performing all of the daily activities that today he cannot accomplish alone. The relationship that developed between them is as clearly understood, it seems. However, in the same breath, it is a great mystery. Samuel lives between two different worlds, imbued with a sense of duty for each. Samuel is from small village in northern Kenya. He visits his wife and children for one month a year, this time along with Hai.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Cracow Film Festival - Poland 2003
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival - Israel 2002
  • Bogota International Documentary Film Festival - Colombia 2003
  • Reframing Reality International Disability Film Festival, Jerusalem - Israel 2010

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Director: Moshe Balmas and Thomas Henke / Israel 2002
Category: Disability / Health & Human Rights
Language: Hebrew. English translation
Length: 48 minutes

Synopsis: Rivka and Yoram fulfilled their dream of getting married but they will never be able to build a home, raise a family, or even be alone when they want to be physically intimate. Yoram and Rivka are both confined to wheelchairs and have lived in institutional homes for most of their lives. The camera follows the couple on their wedding day and in their daily life. This film is about two people, their struggle for a lasting relationship, with no previous experience and with physical and mental difficulties.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Moscow Disability Film Festival -  Russia 2006
  • Estonian National Museum special screening - Estonia 2006
  • Visual Film Festival Joensuu - Finland 2005
  • Brotherhood Society International Film Festival, New Delhi - India 2004
  • Southern Film Festival Sderot - Israel 2004
  • Festival de Cine de Granada - Spain 2004

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Director:  Hadassah Benherzel and Jacky Berman / Israel 2004
Category: Disability / Health & Human Rights
Language: Hebrew. English translation
Length: 58 minutes

Synopsis: Nitsan and Sagi married in Israel in August 2002. Their wedding was a magnificent and well-attended ceremony. However, unlike other couples, Nitsan and Sagi are young people with Down syndrome, and as such, their path to martial bliss became an ideal for a "normal" existence that many young people with Down syndrome pray and hope for. The film accompanies the couple on their wedding day and to their new home in an emotional, thought provoking and sometimes humorous fashion. 

Festivals & Awards:
  • Sprout Film Festival, New York - USA 2006
  • Winner: Gold Special Jury Award : Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, Texas - USA 2005
  • DOK Leipzig International Leipzig Documentary and Animated Film Festival - Germany 2005
  • Brazil's International Disability Film Festival, Rio De Janeiro & Brasília - Brazil 2007
  • International Women Film Festival, Rehovot - Israel 2005
  • Fipatel, FIPA International Festival of Audiovisual Program, Biarritz - France 2005
  • Haifa International Film Festival - Israel 2004 

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