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Director: Mordechai Vardi / Israel  
Category: Current Affairs /Politics 
Production: Mordechai Vardi: Veradim Productions; for Channel 8 (Hot Cable Communication), Commissioning Editor: Rinat Klein; The Makor Foundation for Israeli Films and the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Israel
Associate Producer: Michael Treves: JMT Films Distribution & Co-productions 
Language: Hebrew, Arabic, English. Subtitles: English 
Expected length: 70 minutes

Logline: Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the Etzion Block take responsibility for their relationship.

Synopsis: Director Mordechai Vardi has lived for the last 17 years in Gush Etzion (the "Etzion Block") in the West Bank, between Jerusalem and Hebron and knows the conflict from his daily life. On the ground there is an awakening of people from both sides desiring to find hope, and working for reconciliation. In the difficult situation of national conflict with the threat of terrorist attacks and the reality of occupation. A joint project of Palestinians and Israeli settlers to find a way to live together in the hope of a better future.

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(Palestinian peace activist Ali Abu Awwad speaking with settlers in Efrat, West Bank)

  • Hartley Film Foundation Development Prize (U.S.A.): Copro Documentary Co-production Pitching Forum (Tel Aviv, Israel, June 2016)
Director: Alex Gabbay
Production: Alex Gabbay: M & M Films Ltd. / U.K.
Category: Human Interest / Science
Language: English
Length: 52/85minutes will examine the role of friendship in a technologically
biased future. How is the internet changing the way we relate? will draw on a patchwork of real life stories and new
research from behavioural sciences and neuroscience to question what we
really know about the value of friendship. How important is it to our
happiness, functionality and health? What role has it played in our
evolution? Is social media really helping friendships transcend race, class
and nationality? How important is a person's real identity? The film will
take a closer look at the relationships we rely on and how they are
changing for better and for worse.

  FLAMENCO TRIANGLE (Triángulo Flamenco)   
Director: José Manuel Alguacil / Spain 
Producer: Nicole Maynard Pinto and Karolina Hernández Cháves 2Sentidos Producciones S.A. / Costa Rica
Category: Arts & Culture
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English
Length: 90 minutes. HD

Synopsis: ''Flamenco Triangle'' showcases flamenco within an international framework and captures its historical influences through a musical journey that takes us to the cultures that originated it: Morocco, Spain and Cuba - the root, the epicenter and the fusion - of this legendary art.

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Director: José Manuel Alguacil / Spain 
Producer: Nicole Maynard Pinto and Karolina Hernández Cháves 2Sentidos Producciones S.A. / Costa Rica
Category: Arts & Culture
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English
Length: 52 minutes. HD.

Synopsis: During the Spanish presence, Cuba became one of the most prosperous colonies in America. Spanish people have a very close bond to Cuba that still remains today. Through the portraits of various contemporary Cuban artists who dedicate their lives to flamenco, we will travel along with this genre as a structural element in search of the presence of this art, its roots and influences in Cuba.

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   ASYA (Tell My Story)    
Director: Shira Lavy / U.K./Israel
Producer: Mike Chamberlain: Stampede Limited & Ingun Olsen: Seven Sisters Films (U.K.)
Category: Human Interest / Ethnology 
Language: Arabic, Hebrew. Subtitles:  English
Length: 52 / 75 minutes

Synopsis: Asya is a 32-year-old Bedouin woman, who doesn’t give up easily. She used to live in a tin shed, along with her 8 children in the Bedouin city of Rahat in South Israel. Fleeing from a drug-addicted and wife-beating husband, her arranged marriage, ended in divorce. She then married a man, who lives a very traditional Bedouin life, to become his second wife. He has moved her to a small village where he lives with his first wife and their 9 children. Asya is a strong willed independent woman who challenges her family and tradition, by taking destiny into her own hands and the high price she has to pay for it.

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Festivals & Awards:
  • Pitched at CoPro Israel Forum for International Documentary Co-Productions, Tel Aviv 2010

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