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Directors: Dan and Noit Geva
Category: Creative Documentary / Society & Ethnology
Production: Dan & Noit Geva: Habayit Hakatom Ltd.; for the Second Authority for Television and Radio, Israel; Commissioning Editor: Yosi Mulla; The New Fund for Cinema and Television /
Israel 2012
Language: Hebrew, English
Subtitles: English
Length: 52 / 72 minutes. HD. 
A documentary comedy narrated by the wife of a man who suffers from hyper-acoustic sensitivity, which makes his life in Tel Aviv, one of the noisiest urban locations on earth, a living hell.
Tormented by the belief that they live in an incredibly noisy society, the award-winning couple of Israeli filmmakers resolves to investigate the issue: they install cameras in their house to capture sources of this formidable sonic mass that invades their daily lives.
Noise is a reviving acknowledgement of the Griersonian tradition of dramatic treatment and social exclamation for a civil change in the actual world.
Movie Reviews: « “Noise” carries succesfully the same tense, funny, critical reflection on a society full of noise on several levels... » Dan and Noit Geva: Noise / Tue Steen Müller ; 
«Under a comic external layer, Noise is a valuable reflection and well-documented (expert testimony, archival documents) on a form of pollution that is too easily forgotten.» Noise de Dan et Noit Geva / Erudit / Robert Daudelin
« It was a big inspiration to listen to the Israeli director’s speech after the screening..» DocsBarcelona'' DocsBarcelona 2013/ 6 / Tue Steen Müller
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  • DESCRIPTION OF A MEMORY - thirteen memories following Chris Marker's ''Description of a Struggle''
    Dan Geva takes us in a cinematic journey to the recesses of the photographed memory in Chris Marker's 1960 impressionist film about Israel, ''Description d'un combat'' (Description of a Struggle), which won the 'Golden Bear' at the 1961 Berlin Festival. Geva creates a poetic and philosophic cinematic dialogue with the original text, using images and words from that film, and then adds his own in a process that reveals that the Israel of today is the country, which the French Master could not even have imagined.
    A tribute to Dziga Vertov's ''Man with a Movie Camera''. Dan Geva, the filmmaker, roams through the country on his motorcycle, with a stage and three cameras, asking people to talk about their ultimate truth. From the seashore, the city square, the market, the park, and the countryside Geva combines dramatic and documentary scenes that break the boundaries of the classic documentary genre.