Directors: Anneta Papathanasiou
Category: Documentary / Human Interest
Production: Mikis Modiano, Photini Economopoulou : Modiano S.A. and with ERT / Greece 2011
Language: Kalasha, English, Greek, Urdu
Subtitles: English / French 
Length: 56 / 80 minutes
In the mountains of Hindu Kush, in Pakistan, among 165 million Muslims, unfolds the unique story of 4,000 Kalasha, an ancient pagan tribe that worships nymphs, gods and fairies. The Kalasha women are strong, lovable and, oddly enough, free. Athanassios Lerounis, the president of the Greek Volunteers NGO who organizes developmental and educational projects in the region, is kidnapped by the Taliban. His abduction fills the Kalasha women with insecurity and fear. How will they cope with this? 
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  • Nominee: Best Documentary Film Award: Sichuan TV Festival - China 2011
  • Aspects of European Production: Fipa International Film Festival, Biarritz - France 2012
  • Dortmund Cologne International Womens' Film Festival - Germany 2012
  • Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival - Germany 2012
  • Ethnocineca Documentary Film Festival Vienna - Austria 2012
  • Asiaticafilmmediale Encounters with Asian Cinema Film Festival, Rome - Italy 2011
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival - Greece 2011
  • Mumbai Film Festival - India 2011


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