Directors: Avner Faingulernt & Macabit Abramson
Category: Creative Documentary / History & Current Affairs.
Production: Israel 2011
Language: Hebrew, Arabic
Subtitles: English
Length: 60 / 70 minutes.
In January 2009, during the war in Gaza, two courageous Israeli directors grabbed their cameras to shoot material along the common border. The bombs are filmed from a distance, out of focus and at extreme focal length – the tourists’ point of view. The impact of the bombs in the distance is muffled, which is why the visual opposition between close up/long shot draws the attention to the spoken words, which are blunt, without compassion. The result of their journey is a disturbing essay about war and tourism, an absurd, surreal journey.
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Press Reviews: * New Israeli Cinema from Gaza and Sderot - Maysles Institute / Maysles Institute
* Guerrilla Filmmaking: From Down Under: a Cinematic View of the South of Israel / Uri S. Cohen, Columbia University, NYC
* Interview with Israeli Filmmaker and Scholar Avner Faingulernt / Cinespect - Views on the NYC Film Scene
* About ''War Matador'' / Takriv Documentary Cinema Magazine (Hebrew)
  • Best Feature-Length Film Award: TRANZYT International Documentary Film Festival - Poland 2012
  • International Competition: TRT 2012 Documentary Awards - Turkey 2012
  • International Competition: DMZ Docs Korean Documentary F.F. - South Korea 2012
  • International Competition: DOK Leipzig Documentary Film Festival - Germany 2011
  • International Competition: CWFF Cape Winelands Film Festival - South Africa 2012
  • ''Krakow Documentary Premiere'': Krakow Film Festival - Poland 2012
  • Closing Film: LIDF London International Documentary Film Festival - U.K. 2012
  • Closing Film: LPFF London Palestinian Film Festival - U.K. 2013
  • ''World Cinema'': DIFF Delhi International Film Festival - India 2012
  • ''New Israeli Cinema'' mini Film Festival, Phnom Penh - Cambodia 2012
  • ''New Israeli Cinema from Gaza and Sderot'': Maysles Cinema/Maysles Institute, New York - U.S.A. 2012
  • ''State (T)error'': Milano Film Festival - Italy 2012
  • BAFICI Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival - Argentina 2013
  • VTIFF Vermont International Film Festival - USA 2012
  • SønDok (SunDoc) EDN international screening series, Copenhagen - Denmark 2012
  • IFFB Israeli Independent Film Festival in Berlin - Germany 2012 
  • Jewish Motifs International Film Festival - Poland 2012
  • Filmisreal! Film Festival - The Netherlands 2012
  • Jerusalem Film Festival - Israel 2011
  • Cinema South Festival - Israel 2011  


Similar Titles:
WITHIN THE EYE OF THE STORM (when enemies turn to brothers)
Bassam and Rami, a Palestinian and an Israeli, were once dedicated fighters willing to kill and be killed by one another for their nations. Yet, when faced with the tragic loss of their daughters in the conflict, they chose to do the unexpected and instead of seeking revenge, they turned from enemies to brothers.
The tragicomic story of two brothers who survive by working as mechanics in a small garage in Sderot. Under the hail of missiles from Gaza, they comment the harsh reality of life in southern Israel during brotherly arguments oozing with black humour. The film is juxtaposing their disheveled lives with the drama of conflict intensifying around them. As much a funny and moving family story as a devastating commentary on the absurdity of war.