Director: Nachman Picovsky, Tamar Kay
Producer: Adi Bar Yossef: Baryo Film & TV Production / Israel 2022 
Supported by The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Israel
Co-Producer: Alex Popsuyenko: Jem Production (Ukraine)
Category: Fiction Film
Cast: Daniel Styopin, Kirill Pashuk, Marina Vladimirovna Ovsyannikova
Language: Russian, Hebrew, English. Subtitles: English
Length: 19 minutes

Logline: In a story reminiscent of the Biblical tale “The Binding of Isaac”, taking place in 1989 Kiev, eight-year-old Max must decide how far he is willing to go so as not to disappoint his beloved father, a moment before their immigration to Israel.

Synopsis: Kiev. 1989. On a seemingly regular day, eight-year-old Max’s life is about to change in a way that he could not even imagine. Max faces a dilemma that nearly overwhelms him. Would he agree to undergo a secret circumcision, as an important step toward their immigration to Israel, or to listen to his instincts – even in the price of disappointing his beloved father.

Festivals & Awards:  
  • PÖFF Shorts: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - Estonia 2022
  • Haifa Film Festival - Israel 2022  
Director: Omri Dekel-Kadosh
Producer: Omri Dekel-Kadosh, Yuval Gurevitz / Israel 2020 
Supported by The New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT) and The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Israel
Category: Docu-Fiction Film
Cast: Alma Zack, Moris Cohen, Solo Geva, Ethan Roznak, Ben Paz, Ty Tamir; Omri Dekel Kadosh, Meir Kadosh, Ayelet Dekel, Onn Yosef Kadosh, Elay Kadosh, Elamar Kadosh
Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: English
Length: 30 minutes

Synopsis: This hybrid short film, in which the narrative act is preceded by a documentary one, follows an unusual family reunion. A divorced couple and four siblings embark on a drive to the heart of the Israeli desert, in search of the sight where they were all involved in a brutal car accident 15 years earlier. An accident that caused this family to fall apart.

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Festivals & Awards:  
  • Académie des César's Nuits en Or 2022:
    * France/Paris – UGC Odéon  
    * Italy/Ferrara - Scuola d'Arte Cinematografica Florestano Vancini 
    * Spain/Madrid – Academia de las Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas de España 
    * Luxembourg – La Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
  • HANIFF Hanoi International Film Festival - Vietnam 2022
  • Berlin Jewish Film Festival - Germany 2022
  • Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - Denmark 2022
  • Warsaw Jewish Film Festival - Poland 2022
  • ZSIFI Jewish Israeli Film Festival, Budapest - Hungary 2022
  • Best Short Fiction Film: Israeli Academy Awards 2021
  • Promising Filmmaker AwardJerusalem Film Festival - Israel 2020  
Jerusalem Film Festival/Promising Filmmaker Award
Jury's justification:
"In this original and moving film, questions about individual and family redemption and the role of cinema as an instrument of redemption are treated in an entertaining and touching way."
DirectorProducer: Ariel Semmel / Israel 2021 
Category: Docu-Fiction Film
Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: English
Length: 30 minutes

Synopsis: A flood of riots filled the streets of Israel. The police brutally fight civilians. Ariel Semmel, a film director and political activist, decides to fight back.
In an attempt to find out more, Ariel meets various people. Each person reveals pieces of information, which join together into a terrifying puzzle.

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Festivals & Awards:
  • Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival - Denmark 2022
  • Best Short Documentary Film Award: Jerusalem Film Festival - Israel 2021  
  • Best Actor Award: Chicago Indie Film Awards - USA 2021
  • Best Director Award: MIFA Mumbai International Movie Awards - India 2021
Jerusalem Film Festival/Best Short Documentary Film Award
Jury's justification:
"A hybrid, feature and documentary film that includes radical and daring cinematic work by the creators in dealing with important and burning issues in society today and presenting opinions that strive against the current."
Director: Alon Markowitz, Avner Azulay and Tomer Lahmy / Israel 2018 
Category: Documentary Film
Production: Alon Markowitz, Avner Azulay and Tomer Lahmy and The Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College  
Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: English
Length: 14 minutes

Synopsis: In a neighborhood grocery & deli at the southern part of Tel Aviv, you can buy half a loaf of bread, take two cartons of milk and pay at the end of the month. Or, you can get inside the back storeroom, sit down, and tell about the dream you had last night.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Chelsea Film Festival, New York - USA 2018  
  • MedFF Mediterranean Film Festival, Sicily - Italy 2018  
  • MFF Mediterranean Film Festival, Široki Brijeg - Bosnia & Herzegovina 2018  
  • Nagaon International Short and Documentary Film Festival - India 2018
  • Goa Short Film Festival - India 2018
Director: David Shadi / Israel 2012 
Category: Fiction Film 
Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: English/French
Length: 10 minutes

Synopsis: A guy thinks he is going to spend the night with his new date. But finds out that first he will have to intellectually defeat her big and very special dog.

Movie Reviews:
* « GentleDog is a talking dog short, and a very funny one… Smart, contemporary premise along with first-rate cast, direction, and production. The gentle dog’s real name is Fiona, and the talented Shadi, who wrote, produced and directed this gem, also performs Fiona’s deep-throat voice.» Kurt Brokaw / The Independent

Read: ''Iranian festival accepts Israeli movie, invites filmmaker to attend''

Watch: ''Israeli film invited to a festival in Iran'' (Hebrew)

Festivals & Awards:
Director: Liran Kapel & Yael Dekel / Israel 2012 
Category: Animated Documentary Film
Production: Liran Kapel and the Sapir College  
Language: Hebrew, German, Yiddish. Subtitles: English
Length: 13 minutes

Synopsis: Nyosha is a 10-year-old Jewish girl who lives with her mother in Poland during World War II. Nyosha is an optimistic child, who has a naive dream: to purchase a pair of shiny black shoes.
A true story based on a testimony of Holocaust survivor, Nomi Kapel.

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Festivals & Awards:
  • Best Animation Film Award: Haifa International Film Festival - Israel 2012
  • ''Animadoc'': DOK Leipzig International Documentary F.F. - Germany 2012
  • Leeds International Film Festival - U.K. 2012
  • International Women's Film Festival Rehovot - Israel 2012
  • Cinema South Festival Sderot - Israel 2012

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Director: Sergi Agusti / Spain / Sierra Leone 2008
Category: Human Interest 
Language: English, Krio. Subtitles: English 
Length: 26 minutes

Synopsis: Sport as a bridge. Icons of war from the war theatre to the football field.
A group of young amputees’ football team in Sierra Leone, full of passion, began years ago to take a pathway to peace and hope. In search of dignity they are becoming admired athletes showing incredible performances. Through the power and energy of their play and despite of their disabilities, they have managed to become an example for their community and a new perspective on Africa.

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Festivals & Awards:
  • Best Documentary Award: Barcelona Sports International Film Festival - Spain 2010
  • Best Documentary Award: Manlleu film Festival, Barcelona - Spain 2010
  • Finalist: ''View Change'' LinkTV international film Awards / Competition, New York - USA 2010
  • Human Values Award: Filmets Film Festival Badalona - Spain 2010
  • Honorary Mention Award: Milano Sports International Film Festival FICTS - Italy 2010
  • Grand Prix Award (Spanish Cinema): Bilbao International Film Festival (ZINEBI) - Spain 2008
  • Audience Award: Guía de Isora International Documentary Film Festival (MiradasDoc) - Spain 2008
  • Special Jury Mention: Alcala de Henares Film Festival (ALCINE38) - Spain 2008
  • Dialëktus European Documentary Film Festival Budapest - Hungary 2010
  • Salaam DK Multicultural Film Festival Copenhagen - Denmark 2010
  • Bogota International Documentary Encounters- Colombia 2010
  • DOK Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival - Germany 2008

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Director: Arto Halonen / Cuba/Finland 2004 
Category: Documentary, Human Interest
Language: Spanish. Subtitles:  English
Length: 17 minutes

Synopsis: Cuban Jesus Perdomo Triguero has turned the spinning of petrol barrels into an acrobatic art form. Through his performances Jesus supports himself and his family. The film follows Jesus´s trek through Havana from morning until the night. The journey resembles a pilgrimage, as the compassionate and sensitive Jesus stops to meet many outcasts of his society.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Winner: Honorary Mention : Festival International du Film Insulaire - France 2006
  • Winner: Best Documentary Award : Magma Short Cinema's Exhibition - Italy 2004
  • Winner: Diploma of Honour : Cracow Film Festival - Poland 2004
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival - Greece 2008
  • Visions du Réel International Film Festival, Nyon - Switzerland 2004
  • One World International Documentary Film Festival - Czech Republic 2004
  • The International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul - Turkey 2006
  • Pärnu International Film Festival - Estonia 2004
  • Woodstock Film Festival, New York - USA 2004
  • Melbourne Film Festival - Australia 2004
  • Cork Film Festival - Ireland 2004

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Director: Arto Halonen / Cuba / Finland 2005 
Category: Documentary, Human Interest 
Language: Spanish..  Subtitles: English
Length: 35 minutes

Synopsis: Film about Cuban revolution hero, Jorge Jorge, whose colorful and fabulous life story reflects the whole legend of Cuba , colored with fact and fiction. Jorge Jorge, 85, worked in 1940-1950's as a waiter in the National Hotel. He was an assistant for the famous mobster Meyer Lansky. On the other hand he also served the revolution and was a close to Fidel Castro. Finally he became the first manager of the National Hotel after the revolution.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Documenta Film Festival, Madrid - Spain 2006
  • Asuni Film Festival - Italy 2006
  • Viscult Film Festival Joensuu - Finland 2005
  • Havana International Film Festival - Cuba 2005
  • Toronto Hispano American Film Festival - Canada 2006
  • The International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul - Turkey 2006 

Project Producer:  Amit Goren / Israel 2004
Project Curator: Naomi Aviv
Category: Art / Human Rights
Language: Hebrew, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish. English translation
Length: 14 short films (total 139 minutes). 

Synopsis: A special project made by 14 filmmakers and artists, about ''Hunger'' - in its physical and concrete sense, but also about its political aspects as well as its conceptual and metaphysical manifestations. Hunger has a spectrum of individual and collective aspects, ranging from the basic survival impulse - "eat or die", that precedes the need for shelter and love, to the ethical - the satiated world becoming increasingly satisfied while refining its exploitation of hungry societies, in turn becoming increasingly unsatisfied as it is continuously flooded by an abundance of consumer goods and overfed with temptations. It seems that humanity is condemned to unsatiated hunger, always wanting more. More of everything.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival - Israel 2004

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Director: Hadar Bashan / Israel 2004
Category: Society & Ethnology
Language:  Hebrew, Arabic and sign language. English translation.
Length: 22 minutes

Synopsis: Sara is a Bedouin girl who suffers from a genetic hearing impairment. She is destined to get married as a second wife, to bare children and stay home. Sara desires a different future rather than a hermetically closed world. She leaves in search of independence and freedom for her voice to 'be heard'.

Producer: Hadar Bashan and Sapir Academic College - The Film and Television School

Festivals & Awards:
  • Visions du R?el - Nyon International Documentary Film Festival - Switzerland 2005
  • Israeli Documentary Film Festival - Confluences Paris - France 2005
  • Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival - Tel Aviv - Israel 2004

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Director: Inbal Sagi / Israel 2003
Category: Experimental - Video-Dance 
Length: 12 minutes.

Synopsis: A story of an inner voyage, which deals with maturity and sexuality on the road to finding and connecting with the inner self. The film represents the inner fears and barriers of Na'ama, a young woman, who is afraid of relationships and physical contact. It combines reality with fiction, while the difference between the two is often blurry, and is presented by special visual affects, without dialogue, and with a harmonious combination of different art forms - film, dance, drama, music and animation.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Danc(E)motion Dance on Screen Festival - Jakarta - Indonesia 2005
  • Roma Music Doc Fest - All About Dancing - Italy 2005
  • Moving Pictures Festival - Global Moves - Toronto - Canada 2004
  • International Students Festival of Film Art - Balchik - Bulgaria 2004
  • Haifa International Film Festival - Israel 2003
  • Carmiel International Dance Festival - Israel 2003
  • Best Music: Southern Film Festival - Israel 2003

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Director: Michael Medina / Israel 2002
Category: Experimental - Video-Dance
Length: 22 minutes.

Synopsis: The film is based on dance and movement, while animated and staged sequences are inserted. Events that take place simultaneously in different places and at different times are layered on top of one another. Shifting between the extremes of control and helplessness, the borders between dream, reality and hallucination become blurred. This video was made in collaboration with the Bat Dor Dance Company.

Festivals & Awards:
  • Dance on Camera Festival, New York - USA 2006
  • Danc(E)motion Dance on Screen Festival - Jakarta - Indonesia 2005
  • Roma Music Doc Fest - Un Mondo di Musica - Italy 2005
  • International Students Festival of Film Art - Balchik - Bulgaria 2004
  • Reel-IL Director's Evening - Bonn - Germany 2002
  • Honorable Mention : Tel Aviv International Student Festival - Israel 2002
  • Best Experimental Film : Short & Film Festival - Jerusalem - Israel 2002
  • Best Experimental Film : Southern Film Festival Sderot - Israel 2002

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