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  JMT Films Distribution, Coproductions & Word Sales (JMT Films) is bringing unique documentary and independent films to light

Company at a Glance

JMT Films is involved in the distribution, sales and fund raising of documentary projects and international co-productions, and the marketing and representation of unique independent films from Israel and worldwide.
The company is buying and selling films to TV Broadcasters and to the Educational/Academic Market, and is marketing and promoting films to film festivals & markets.
JMT Films is participating in international film festivals and major film & television markets, such as IDFA, Berlinale, Hot Docs, Fipa Biarritz, MIPTV, Sunny Side of the Doc, Latin Side of the Doc, Bolivia Lab, GZDOC, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, DOK Leipzig, Krakow Film Festival & KFF Industry, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Dragon Forum and Visions du Réel.
JMT Films meets in those events with Independent Producers from all over the world to discuss about potential projects & completed programs.

JMT Films is involved in fund raising of documentary projects and international co-productions, such as ‘’The Field’’ by Mordechai Vardi (Israel 2017), winner of the Hartley Film Foundation Development
Prize (U.S.A.) at the Copro Documentary Co-production Pitching Forum, ''Live or Die in Entebbe'' by Eyal Boers, co-produced with Canadian Television (SRC Radio-Canada), ‘Saul Friedländer und die Geschichte'' by Yehuda Yaniv - co-produced with German Television (BRNET/ARTE) and ''One Eye Wide Open'' by Aner Preminger - co-produced with Dutch Television (AVRO), to name a few.

Catalogue of Films
JMT Films
represents a catalogue of more than 100 audiovisual programs and films, among them ''You Only Die Twice'' by Yair Lev and David Deri, ''A Perfect Housewife'' by Jane Bibi, ''The Venice Ghetto - 500 years of Life'' by Emanuela Giordano:
> Films by well-known filmmakers from worldwide: Jérôme le Maire (Belgium), Arto Halonen (Finland), Alex Gabbay (U.K.), Anneta Papathanassiou (Greece), to name a few.
* Selected titles:
''Alimentation Générale'' (The General Store) (Chantal Briet), ''Love Hate and Everything In Between'' (Alex Gabbay), ''Qadir - An Afghan Ulysses'' (Anneta Papathanassiou), ''Football, Collective Intelligence'' (Jean-Christophe Ribot), ''A Man Called Nomad'' (Alex Gabbay), ''Conquistadors of Cuba'' (Arto Halonen), ''A Film About Anna Akhmatova'' (Helga Landauer).
> Films directed by Israel's leading filmmakers, such as Judd Ne'eman, Ron Cahlili, Yoav Halevy, Avner Faingulernt, Eytan Harris, Yael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky, and Amit Goren, to name a few.
The catalogue is including a selection of films by veteran Director Dan Wolman, the documentary trilogy of Dan & Noit Geva (their second decade's filmic work manifests), the self-revealing documentary trilogy of Zohar Wagner and a selection of the best films of the Sapir Film School - a college coming from the South of Israel that creates a new wave of cinema.
* Selected titles (Israeli Films):
''Description of a Memory'' (Dan & Noit Geva), ''Sisai'' (David Gavro), ''Super Women'' (Ronen Zaretzky & Yael Kipper), ''Bureau 06'' (Yoav Halevy), ''Within The Eye Of The Storm'' (Shelley Hermon), ''War Matador'' (Avner Faingulernt, Macabit Abramson), ''Hula & Nathan'' (Robby Elmaliah),''Play Me Allegro'' (Alon Alsheich, Eran Yehezkel), ''Kalandia'' (Neta Efroni), ''Six Floors To Hell'' (Jonathan Ben Efrat); ''Tied Hands'' (Fiction film by Dan Wolman), "Dear Mr. Waldman" (Fiction film by Hanan Peled), ''Urban Tale'' (Fiction film by Eliav Lilti).

•Fiction Films
•Short Films
(Subjects/Genres: Society / Ethnology, History and Current Affairs, Health & Human Rights,
Art & Culture, Human Interest including Popular Science). 

Michael Treves is the Founder and General Manager of JMT Films, based in Tel Aviv.
Michael Treves has experience of more than 20 years of work with international broadcasting networks, founded and runs JMT Films since 2003.
Michael Treves, International Film Distributor & Sales Agent, was born in Paris France in 1963 (Jean-Michel Trèves).
Michael Treves holds a B.A. degree in Social Studies from the University of Tel Aviv, holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A), major: Integrated Marketing Communication, from IDC Interdisciplinary Center, Israel and a diploma in Audiovisual Financing & Commercialization from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University and INA, Paris, France.

In addition to his responsibilities at JMT Films, Michael Treves is invited worldwide as Jury Member, Tutor, Juror in Film Festivals and Film Markets, as a Guest Lecturer on Cinema & Television and Distribution and is assisting Film Festivals & Films Markets as Advisor, Curator, Lector:  
To name a few:
Tutor and Juror: Doc Tank, Astra Film Festival, Romania 2019
Guest Speaker and Lecturer: Film & TV Track at Ariel University's School of Communication, Israel 2019
Lector: Israeli Competition: EPOS International Art Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel 2019
Festival Jury Member: International Competition: Krakow Film Festival, Poland 2018
VIP Guest at Gdynia Film Festival, Poland 2018 and 2019.
VIP Guest at GZDOC Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China 2013: meetings with Chinese Producers and with China Central Television (CCTV), China´s largest national TV network.
Panelist/Decision Maker: Dragon Pitching Forum, Krakow Film Festival, Poland 2010.
Advisor/Content Editor: ''French Talks'', Focus on French-Speaking Broadcasters: CoPro Documentary Screen Market: Tel Aviv, Israel 2012
Advisor/Curator: World Cinema/Special Program: DIFF Delhi International Film Festival, Delhi, India 2012
Guest Lecturer: «Un regard sur  le cinéma du sud d’Israël»: Isratim Film Festival, Paris, France 2013
Guest Lecturer: «Un regard sur  le cinéma du sud d’Israël», Suisse-Israel-Vaud Special Event, Lausanne, Switzerland 2012
Guest Lecturer: International Co-Productions with Latin America: ''Fast Food Off The Shelf/¿Por qué quebró Mc Donald's en Bolivia'': Bolivia Lab III, La Paz, Bolivia 2011
Guest Lecturer: ''the Role of a Sales Agent'', Case Study: Fast Food Off The Shelf: Latin Side Of The Doc, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010
Guest Lecturer: ''Documentary Film today and in the future'': Viscult International Film Festival, Joensuu, Finland 2007 

Prior to running JMT Films, Michael Treves worked as Director and Producer of Documentary films and TV magazines:
* VP Marketing & Business Development at JWTV TV Productions, Herzliya, Israel
* VP Business Development at IsraTV Film & TV Production, Tel Aviv, Israel
* Account Executive Manager at LDI representative of CNN and MTV, Ramat Gan, Israel

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