TEA OR ELECTRICITY (Le Thé ou l'Electricité) 
Directors: Jérôme le Maire
Category: Documentary / Human Interest
Production: Iota Production - Isabelle Truc (Belgium), Perspective Films (France), HKS Productions (France), K Films (Morocco) / 2012
Co-produced with ARTE G.E.I.E. (France), RTBF (Belgium), 2M (Morocco), BeTV (Belgium).
Language: Arabic (Moroccan), Berber
Subtitles: English / French 
Length: 52 / 93 minutes
'Tea or electricity' tells the epic story of the implementation of electricity in a tiny isolated village enclosed in the middle of the Moroccan High Atlas. Over more than three years and season after season, the director patiently reveals the outlines of the net that will inevitably end up closing on the people of Ifri. Before our eyes is drafted the image of the merciless modernity that the small village will now be connected to.
The villagers yearn for modernization, and the soliciting electric company is eager to invest in new customers.  As we watch the inevitable effects that electrical tools – lights, cell phones and televisions – have on their way of life, the film illuminates a paradigm of the transformation of social values. 
Web site: http://www.theouelectricite.be
Press Review: * Tea Or Electricity among three documentaries Nominated for the European Film Awards
* Tea Or Electricity @ Magnificent 7
* Les lumières d'Ifri (French)
* Le Thé ou l'Electricité, de Jérôme le Maire (rencontre) (French)
* Interview de Jerome Le Maire | Le thé ou l'électricité (French)


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